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HPC Research is committed to the research of High Performance Computer systems in the widest sense:

  • — Macro architecture of present and future HPC systems.
  • — Architecture of components: processors, memory, networks, etc.
  • — Programming techniques and environments: MPI, OpenMP, CAF, UPC, etc.
  • — Computational accelerators: Cell, ClearSpeed, FPGAs, GPUs, etc.
  • — Algorithms and libraries optimised for HPC systems. Optimized algorithms are also used in auto-trading bots like bitcoin code to enhance cryptocurrency trading. These algorithms make calculations and does the trading automatically so that you can trade even if you do not have knowledge in crypto. Check the bitcoin code coincierge.de site to see how it works to facilitate cryptocurrency trading.
  • — Benchmarking and optimisation for HPC systems.

HPC Research works mainly for the Dutch National Computer Facilities Foundation but occasionally takes on other projects from academia, research institutions, and industry.
HPC Research is also linked to the EuroBen Foundation, a European Foundation concerned with developing benchmarks for High Performance Computers and disseminating both benchmark codes and benchmark results.

On the Presentations page some recent talks are available in PDF format.

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